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True Blood: Club Dead

     Posted on Tue ,29/06/2010 by Kayhynn

True Blood: Club Dead is a roleplay room on Sanguinem Draconis based on the HBO series, True Blood. The series, in turn, is based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris, called the Sookie Stackhouse novels. The HBO series is now in Season Three, which introduces what the series calls Lou Pines, in Shreveport, a premier supernatural night club. Lou Pines is a slightly different version of Josephine’s/Club Dead, less refined but still owned by the vampire Russell.

While canon characters are allowed, all canon characters must be applied for. Playing a canon without approval from Rosea will result in a room ban. No questions asked. Not knowing this rule is not an excuse.

Due to the nature of this room, you should at least be somewhat familiar with the vampires, their structure, rules, werewolves, their structure and rules and more. This is not a system like World of Darkness or Vampire the Masquerade. In fact, it’s quite different. All of this info is being compiled on this website as we go and we hope this to be the resource you can go to for information.

If you have questions, just ask.

It is a modern world setting, predominantly in Louisiana. Information on various settings, Locations available to RP in and more is becoming available on site.

Folks can play a large number of characters and races. You are not restricted to the canon characters.

Immortalis Ago Returns on Sanguinem

     Posted on Thu ,29/10/2009 by Kayhynn

You are cordially invited to join us in the realm of “mystical” modern roleplay…

Immortalis Ago —otherwise known as Immortal Lives, if translated from Latin– has re-opened with some new staff, some old staff at our new home on Sanguinem Draconis.  We invite all players, old and new alike, to join us in modern mystical roleplay, where characters can be humans, immortals, vampires, werewolves or even mages found within the World of Darkness rule set.

This room is a semi-freestyle roleplay room set in the modern times (2009) strongly based on the premises of Highlander and Highlander: The Gathering, though we do encourage and allow VtM and WoD.  It’s semi-freestyle in that while you can roleplay your characters you are not required to do dice rolls or have character sheets for everyone to see (though for Vampires and Werewolves we do require sheets, Immortals, Humans and Watchers do not).

The one major requirement for the room:  the Masquerade be maintained for  Immortals and Vampires alike. For more information on the masquerade, check links on this site.

Watchers, Renegade Watchers, Immortals (including Vamps) over the age of 1000 must be applied for. PM Rosea for this.

Canon characters MUST be apped for. PERIOD.

Hello world!

     Posted on Wed ,16/03/2016 by Kayhynn

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Welcome to Alternity

     Posted on Tue ,26/04/2011 by Rosea

Alternity is a generic-sci-fi themed roleplay chat room on Sanguinem Draconis.

The idea behind Alternity is simple, yet complex all at once.  Over the past few years, running individual sci-fi themed rooms based on a singular story idea, whether it be Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly or something else, has been difficult.  The rooms have steam at first, but seem to loose it quickly.  Most sci-fi roleplayers tend to roleplay in many different storylines, so we figured it might be best to have a room where any storyline can be played that is sci-fi based.

The biggest rule: YOU MUST have the Storyline you are participating in in your tags.

Pretty simple right?  The rest of the room rules and other pertinent information will be on this site, and added to this site as it grows.

Questions?  Feel free to ask Akimoto or Rosea.


Almost Thanksgiving, More Updates Coming

     Posted on Wed ,24/11/2010 by Kayhynn

The Last Drop‘s page has recently received updates.  The page will also contain Establishment staff as well as NPC staff profiles, if they play any important roles in the establishment.  Otherwise, the NPCs are just for fun, and not really important and can be played by anyone.

Friday nights will be dedicated to True Blood: Club Dead RPs for me.  So if you’re looking for guaranteed True Blood RP, I’ll be hanging about in the room on Friday  nights, including this Friday.

I’ve made my way through all but the last book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  I have to say I am interested to see how things will be portrayed in the series come Season 4.

Cheers and see you all Friday!

Playing Catch Up.

     Posted on Thu ,14/10/2010 by Kayhynn

Every so often, I get started on updates, and then life has to intervene and throw wrenches into the mix.

Wrench one, co-worker getting married and me having to do his tasks for a week and a half.

Wrench two, server issues at work leading to extra work time

Wrench three, sick family members.

Wrench four, being exhausted from all of the above.

I do hang out in the room at night for a couple hours.  Lately hardly anyone else pops in.  Let’s get stuff going folks.  I can’t run a room without folks playing.



Site Updates 09-19-10

     Posted on Mon ,20/09/2010 by Kayhynn

I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked, but got a few pages updated, including an update to the Were’s, Shifters and Faerie pages.

Be sure to check them out under Character Races.

Welcome to Phanny

     Posted on Mon ,20/09/2010 by Kayhynn

Phanny is our Vampire Storyline Co-Host.

Welcome to the team!  If you have any questions regarding vampire play, please talk to her in room.


Site Updates 09-17-10

     Posted on Sat ,18/09/2010 by Kayhynn

A bunch of pages got updated including:

Stay tuned for more site updates each day.

A little bit of fun…

     Posted on Fri ,17/09/2010 by Kayhynn

A song by Halestorm, called Taste of Poison.  A fan of both Halestorm and True Blood made this video which I absolutely adore, so I am sharing it with everyone.

Site Updates: 09/16/10

     Posted on Thu ,16/09/2010 by Kayhynn

Finally getting into the swing of things again and have had time to start updating the site to contain information current players and interested players need to be able to play in the room. I understand that a lot of folks are interested, but intimidated, because while they know a bit about the Shows/Books, they aren’t quite sure about roleplay.

The first page I updated the Terminology page which contains slang and words used in both the books and series. Each term has it’s own page and some may have images with them as well in the future. At this point, every term is defined. Some definitions may receive updates or terms may be added as time goes on.

If there are terms you would like defined, please talk to me in room, leave a reply to this post (after registering with the site) or e-mail me at