Rosea’s Rooms on Sanguinem Draconis
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Immortalis Ago Returns on Sanguinem

You are cordially invited to join us in the realm of “mystical” modern roleplay…

Immortalis Ago —otherwise known as Immortal Lives, if translated from Latin– has re-opened with some new staff, some old staff at our new home on Sanguinem Draconis.  We invite all players, old and new alike, to join us in modern mystical roleplay, where characters can be humans, immortals, vampires, werewolves or even mages found within the World of Darkness rule set.

This room is a semi-freestyle roleplay room set in the modern times (2009) strongly based on the premises of Highlander and Highlander: The Gathering, though we do encourage and allow VtM and WoD.  It’s semi-freestyle in that while you can roleplay your characters you are not required to do dice rolls or have character sheets for everyone to see (though for Vampires and Werewolves we do require sheets, Immortals, Humans and Watchers do not).

The one major requirement for the room:  the Masquerade be maintained for  Immortals and Vampires alike. For more information on the masquerade, check links on this site.

Watchers, Renegade Watchers, Immortals (including Vamps) over the age of 1000 must be applied for. PM Rosea for this.

Canon characters MUST be apped for. PERIOD.

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