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Welcome to Alternity

Tue ,26/04/2011

Alternity is a generic-sci-fi themed roleplay chat room on Sanguinem Draconis.

The idea behind Alternity is simple, yet complex all at once.  Over the past few years, running individual sci-fi themed rooms based on a singular story idea, whether it be Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly or something else, has been difficult.  The rooms have steam at first, but seem to loose it quickly.  Most sci-fi roleplayers tend to roleplay in many different storylines, so we figured it might be best to have a room where any storyline can be played that is sci-fi based.

The biggest rule: YOU MUST have the Storyline you are participating in in your tags.

Pretty simple right?  The rest of the room rules and other pertinent information will be on this site, and added to this site as it grows.

Questions?  Feel free to ask Akimoto or Rosea.