Rosea’s Rooms on Sanguinem Draconis
Information for Alternity, Immortalis Ago and True Blood: Club Dead rooms on Sanguinem Draconis

Applying for Canon Characters

As of right now, I will allow folks up to three (3) canon characters.  Each canon character must come as a separate application.

Please send an e-mail to Rosea with the following information and requested items:

  • Canon Character Applying for
  • The name you go by in chat (mun-name)
  • Any player you will absolutely not play with? (this question is asked because if you are playing with a character that interacts with a lot of the other canons and you have a conflict with another player, it makes it really hard to have you be a main canon character.  This is also to reduce potential room drama.  I’d rather know of potential conflicts before they blow up in front of me)
  • A description of the character in your own words. I’m looking for personality, dress, etc.
  • How often do you intend to play and what are your normal play hours? (while I understand folks play times do change and real life intervenes, this gives me an idea compared to other folks as well when would be a good time to encourage a group of canon characters to play together.  I’m not going to hold you to your times or hours, it’s just a useful to know question)
  • Direction you are looking to take the character
  • A solo for the character

If you apply for a canon character and are approved, if you are not in the room AND playing the character for more than a month, you will loose the right to play that canon character and it will be removed from you.  The only exception to this rule is if you have talked to me before hand and are gone due to family/military issues.

If you loose the canon character and it is not reassigned, you can reapply for the spot.  I will only allow this to happen once.  If you do not stick to the guidelines above, you will not get a third chance.