Rosea’s Rooms on Sanguinem Draconis
Information for Alternity, Immortalis Ago and True Blood: Club Dead rooms on Sanguinem Draconis

Character Races

The world isn’t what it seems.  Even though the vampires have “come out of the coffin,” so to speak, there are other supernatural entities that have not and like to keep their secrets semi-secret.  Werewolves, shifters, and even fairies have seen the results of meddling of humans, the distrust that comes as well as the hate that breeds due to humans not knowing “others” live among them.

As of right now (Book 4, Season 3), these are the races known to Rosea.  As she reads further, she will expand the races able to be played in the room.

Each race named below goes to it’s own page with a better set of defined rules and accepted behaviors, etc. Please read each page if you are interested in playing any of the supernatural races.  Please note, while some facts about vampires are known, some aren’t.  If you aren’t sure if a human would know certain things about vampires, ask.

*While most would say Wiccans and Witches are the same, they do have different belief system in the world and what they do.  Wiccans for the most part are good, witches are as well, but some witches turn evil, despite being wiccan.  Also, Wiccans/Witches can be Human/Werewolves/other races as well.