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The Last Drop

Owner: Maeve O’Connor
City: New Orleans
Location: A three-story building located on the corner on Bourbon street, a couple blocks away from a human run bar.  Walking distance from the Queen’s estate’s in New Orleans.

Description: Considered a bar of mixed tastes, The Last Drop serves as a unique bastion in New Orleans.  Comprised of three floors, each floor has it’s purpose, each has it’s rules and each has it’s dangers and pleasures.

The first floor is a typical bar, complete with food (for both humans and vamps).  There are three small rooms off to the side which are marked reserved.  The rooms are, for lack of a better term, private rooms vampires pay for to have their way with their meal for the night, as long as they don’t kill them.  Often times their “dinner” is one of the performers on the first floor.  Most of the first floor contains a dance floor, typical bar setting, with the exception of scantily clad dancers in the cages dancing as well as the vampires that are there to look scary and be an attraction for the tourists.

To the mortal eye, it is a typical vampire bar, complete with a tame strip bar on the second floor where vampires and humans alike can watch anyone strip and dance to their heart’s content.  Mortals who don’t know better, think the third floor is used for private parties.  And there is some truth to that thought.

The third floor is magically warded only for supernaturals.  Only supernaturals will find their way into the building without help.  They can bring guests with them, but human guests are unable to talk about the place once they leave.  It’s as if there is a blank in their memory.  They remember going to The Last Drop and will remember the first and second floor, but nothing beyond that.  The third floor is designed as a refuge for all supernaturals, vampire, were, shifter and everything else alike.  But don’t expect to see fey there, considering their lives are at stake with vampires around.


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