Rosea’s Rooms on Sanguinem Draconis
Information for Alternity, Immortalis Ago and True Blood: Club Dead rooms on Sanguinem Draconis

Room Rules

1. You must follow Sanguinem Draconis AuP
2. Respect one another.
3. Rosea is the Mistress of this room and issues the final word.
4. If you apply for a canon character and are approved, if you are not in the room AND playing the character for more than a month, you will loose the right to play that canon character and it will be removed from you.  The only exception to this rule is if you have talked to me before hand and are gone due to family/military issues.
5. One sentence posts are not considered roleplay and are not welcomed here.  We want to have thought put into posts, details, emotions to stay true to both the TV and novel series.   One and two word RP posts are not very well thought out.  Nor are one liners.
6. Even though the show and the book have sex scenes within them, these scenes ARE NOT to be publicly roleplayed in the room.  Violence is okay.  Death is okay.  SEX IS NOT. This is your only warning.  Take it to a private room.
7. No Nudity.
8. Use your common sense.
9. If in doubt, ask..
10. Have fun!

You may notice I have left off the no killing rule. I trust players will talk with each other before killing off NPC or player characters. I also trust that everyone will be true to the canon characters as well. If they are not…you will be removed from playing canon characters.

These rules are subject to change with discussion of the Site Admins.  Adult situations are to be kept to Private Messages (PMs) or taken to a Private Room (PR). Chatters who refuse to abide by this will be given a warning, and if the behaviour continues, a 24 hour ban. Although foul language is permitted, we ask that it be kept to a necessary minimum.