Rosea’s Rooms on Sanguinem Draconis
Information for Alternity, Immortalis Ago and True Blood: Club Dead rooms on Sanguinem Draconis


This room is set in the modern day world, focusing on Lousiana, Texas and Mississippi and based on the True Blood TV series as well as the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.  The room is based at the end of Season 3 of True Blood/end of Book 3 of the series.

To be clear, the room is set in 2010, three years after The Great Revelation.  Vampires are known entities in the world.  Were’s, shifters and faeries are not known much outside the supernatural sphere.  Most supernaturals would prefer to keep their second nature a secret, though that does eventually change in the course of the novels.

To explain in terms that World of Darkness players would understand a bit better, Vampires in this world no longer required to follow the Masquerade.  Some still choose to, most do not.  However, they still follow their leadership hierarchy.  And much like WoD, killing fellow vampires is frowned up on and can result in many different forms of punishment as determined by a higher authority.  Were’s and shifters, like WoD, rarely let humans know of their nature.

Vampires/Were’s based off of any other world/system are not welcomed here.  They need to be kept to their own specific genre.  Information on what each type of character is/isn’t allowed is available under Character Races.

The following cities will be being used for play:

If you would like a city added to this list, please talk to Rosea.

For more information, please click these links, or check the Locations to Play At page. This page will also contain player created locations as well.